Sunday, February 28, 2010

Congratulations, Olympians!

I think this year's Winter Olympics in Canada have been amazing. It was the first year that the Winter Olympics caught my attention.

The USA/Canada hockey game today was the best game I've ever watched (although the 2009 Super Bowl Game is a close second, thanks to that amazing last-moment Steelers catch).

Does my love of this game make me un-American (since we lost to Canada)? Of course not! We were FANTASTIC out there. We went into overtime, in CANADA, playing HOCKEY. How amazing is that?

(Also, because I'm an international as well as an American citizen, I have to say that Canada not winning would have been pretty depressing. That said, we certainly didn't make it easy for them!)

It might seem odd to those who know me outside of Cyberville that I'm taking the time to blog on sports -- particularly since I haven't blogged in months. For I'm not exactly known as a sports fanatic. I typically would much rather read or watch a foreign film than crack open a beer and watch the Lakers. But sports (including the Lakers, of course!) have become a part of my current lifestyle. All told, I've actually watched more sports in the past two years than I had for the previous 36 combined.

Dramatic life changes yield strange results sometimes -- like chemical reactions in which the original substance can never revert to its prior state.

Anyway, I just wanted to say: Bien fait, Canada!

And thanks for being such wonderful hosts.

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