Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hallway

How do you feel about hallways?

Do you find them menacing, fearing what's behind each door?

Or, do you see each door in that hallway as a possibility for something fresh?

Are you the type of person who hones in on the threshold at the end of the hallway; does it glisten at you, fuzzy and bright? Or, do you like to see what's behind each door as you make your way toward the end?

During this hot (and blogless) Summer of 2010, I have been in transition. I've discovered a new neighborhood, moved, altered my lifestyle, and reassessed my personal and professional goals. I have (and I know you knew this was coming!) been in the metaphorical hallway.

I find hallways a bit daunting because, as you traverse them, you have way too much time to think. For me, that means you have time to worry if you have the strength to make it to the end of the hallway. In your weaker moments, you might even contemplate running back through the door through which you came -- even though you know very well that what you'd find there is a return to unhappiness and inertia. At least you know what's in that room!

Hallways can be restful at times, invigorating at others! They can fill with a fog of uncertainty, or sunshine. They can be tedious as you make stride after stride and seem to only move an inch closer to your destination at the end of the hallway. Being alone in the dark, because hallways are a personal journey of the self -- can also be scary and lonely.

Personally, I am rarely tempted to cross the thresholds of other doors on my way toward the destination door at the end of the hallway. I might open a door or two and peek inside out of curiousity. But I stay on track because just to enter that hallway in the first place took tremendous concentration, assiduous contemplation, and momentous effort. So, if I've actually opened that door with full knowledge of where I'm headed, I'm not going to risk that hard-earned path toward a more organic and satisfying life.

But how about you? What are your experiences with Hallways of the Soul?

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